Methane Emissions High Methane Emissions, High Throughput Markers, and Hydrogen Sulfide

Dr. Richard Dewhurst used a GreenFeed at Teagasc in Ireland that was equipped with CH4 and CO2 sensors plus additional sensors to continuously monitor H2 and H2S gas fluxes during studies of digestive‐efficiency and feed efficiency in beef heifers. These studies are conducted by combining gas flux measurements made with GreenFeed with high‐throughput markers for rumen function. These data will be used to help link complex nutritional traits to genetic and genomic information.

In addition, the GreenFeed unit is equipped with an optional ”Conditional Sampling System” so that gas samples from either tidal breath or from eructations (or samples from both) can be routed to alternative sample collection systems (either bags or cartridges) for detailed laboratory analysis.