Our Upcoming GreenFeed WorkShops at the GreenHouse Gas & Animal Agriculture Conference

May 25, 2022

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We are so excited to be attending and sponsoring the 8th International Greenhouse Gas & Animal Agriculture Conference.

GreenFeed Guest Speakers Workshop & Research Discussions

Sunday, June 5, 2022 | 9:00AM – 12:30PM at the Wyndham Hotel

in room (PALMS F&G ) in Orlando, Florida.

$50 to attend, lunch will be provided. At this time the only way to register is in person in the Palms Foyer at 8:00 AM at the Early Bird Registration.

(See the full list of speakers below.)

Free, User Training for GreenFeed Systems

Sunday, June 5, 2022 | 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Appetizers and refreshments will be served.

Presented by the knowledgeable team at C-Lock Inc.

  • Theory and operation principles of GreenFeed
  • GreenFeed deployment and experimental design
  • Maintenance, calibration, and system design
  • User interface
  • Data review and analysis
  • GreenFeed Statistics
See the full GGAA Schedule here

Guest Speakers

  • Dr. Stacey Gunter, Acting Laboratory Director at USDA Agricultural Research Service with guests Dr. Corey Moffet and Dr. Matt Beck - "Use the GreenFeed System (GFS) to assist in measuring energy metabolism and digesta kinetics."
  • Eric Bailey Ph.D., State Beef Extension Specialist at University of Missouri Animal Sciences Research Center - "Effect of protein supplementation to steers consuming low quality forage on greenhouse gas emissions."
  • Paul Smith, Postdoctoral Researcher at Teagasc- “Ireland’s first large scale measurement of methane emissions in beef cattle."
  • Alex Hristov Ph.D., P.A.S. Professor of Dairy Nutrition at Penn State - "Relationship of dry matter intake with enteric methane emission measured with the GreenFeed system."
  • Ermias Kebreab, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences Director, World Food Center and Leanna Kelly, Graduate Student Researcher at University of California, Davis - "Training animals and data collection from cattle fed feed additives to reduce methane emissions."
  • Pekka Huhtanen, Professor at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Visiting Professor, at Natural Resource Institute Finland - "Potential of GreenFeed in studying energy metabolism and feed efficiency”.
  • Lorna McNaughton, Senior Animal Scientist at LIC, Livestock Improvement -“Using GreenFeed in dairy bulls in New Zealand”.

We look forward to seeing everyone in attendance, if you have any questions about the workshop feel free to contact Rebecca at rbader@c-lockinc.com.