Our founder, Dr. Patrick Zimmerman created C-Lock Inc in 2005 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Dr. Patrick Zimmerman

C-Lock Inc. professionals utilize cutting-edge science and engineering to monitor, analyze, and control cattle biological parameters. Through a systematic approach that incorporates intelligent data-mining techniques, measurements, and numerical modeling, we can detect problems that lower efficiency and productivity. Our unique capabilities to pinpoint problems, identify opportunities, and offer a cost-effective solution saves our clients' money.

Our company focuses on agricultural practices but also has experience in measuring emissions related to energy production. We have created GreenFeed (US Patent 7966971, others pending), a system that measures methane and metabolic carbon dioxide emissions from ruminants such as cattle to provide farmers and ranchers with real-time data to document improvements in feed efficiency and lower methane emission losses.

The C-Lock Inc. staff of talented scientists, engineers, and technical personnel are eager to provide their expertise to support your industry. If you have an engineering problem related to energy efficiency or GHGs, we can solve it.


Dr. Patrick Zimmerman
Dr. Patrick Zimmerman


Dr. Patrick Zimmerman was the Director of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and a professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology when he founded C-Lock Inc in 2005 he specializes in engineering education, technology development, and research. Zimmerman's research career has spanned nearly four decades. Research Profile

Scott Zimmerman
Scott Zimmerman


Scott Zimmerman is the president at C-Lock Inc. He has many years of experience with numerical modeling and large databases, and has a solid background in analytical measurements. He has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Washington State University and a master's degree in water resource engineering and hydraulics from the University of Iowa.

Tom Zimmerman
Tom Zimmerman

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Zimmerman is the lead person for parts development and assembly. He understands every part and component inside our instruments and how to repair and maintain them. He has a degree in interdisciplinary science from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Mike Billars
Mike Billars

Vice President of Engineering and Support

Mike leads our electrical engineering department, programming and also is the head of our support team. He has been instrumental in development and support of our products. He has an electrical engineering degree from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

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Dan Paca

Chief Revenue Officer

Dan has had over 30 years in the Feed and Nutrition Industry with experience in sales, operations, and senior-level management. He’s using his experience in implementing effective strategies to lead our growth and manage our high-performing sales, service, and marketing teams. Dan’s passion is creating solutions for the livestock sector of agriculture. His focus is on improvements in feed and management efficiency, long-term industry sustainability, and industry network collaboration. He also wishes to provide long-term profitability in the livestock sector. Dan believes that C-Lock's products and services provide safe and humane answers to assist producers in feeding the world.

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Marcus Mann

Chief Operating Officer

Marcus Mann has a Mechanical Engineering degree from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. With ten plus years of experience in metal fabrication and design this includes designing and building new parts or fixtures. He leads our operations team here at C-LOCK. As a team we ensure that we produce a quality product for our customer as safely as possible.

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Dr. Meredith Harrison

Chief Scientific Officer

Meredith Harrison has earned her PhD in Animal Biology with an emphasis in feedlot production systems from the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on the combined application of precision livestock technologies and mathematical models to improve beef and dairy production biological and economic efficiency. Meredith has substantial experience with statistics, experimental design, data management, and modeling. She has developed models to predict methane emissions, dry matter intake, feedlot cattle growth and composition, and to optimize profitability. In addition to her modeling experience, Meredith has significant knowledge of feedlot cattle nutrition and management. Meredith believes in continuous improvement of livestock production efficiency and sustainability through technology, data, genetics, and management.

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Karla Pedersen

Sales Manager

Karla Pedersen leads the sales development team. Growing up in a small town of Webster, Minnesota. She attended the National American University with a business administration degree and an in emphasis in equine management. Karla is passionate about providing our clients with the newest and most effective technology in ruminant emissions and feed intake. She is excited to be part of a family of innovators, progressive thinkers and problem solvers. Reach out to Karla for any questions about our products.

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Ryan Kent

Customer Support Manager

Ryan Kent is the Customer Support Manager with C-Lock and has over 15 years experience in logistics and customer support. He excels at problem solving and is determined to develop relationships that will support collaboration for years to come. Ryan is a SD native glad to be home again after 11 years in Washington. He has a bachelors of science in business administration degree from the University of South Dakota.

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Rebecca Bader

Marketing Director

Rebecca leads all of our marketing and advertising content. She has a degree in agriculture communications with a minor in animal science from South Dakota State University. Originally from a small farm in Wisconsin, she is now based in Rapid City, South Dakota with her husband. Rebecca is passionate about sharing the benefits of agriculture technology on all platforms. She is available for any media requests.

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Dr. Degong Pang

Sales Associate

Degong is a graduate of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences with a PhD in animal science with specialization in animal nutrition and management. During his studies in Sweden he focused on forage quality in Nordic conditions and the effects of dietary factors on ruminant greenhouse gas emissions. Degong utilized our GreenFeed units and after 7 years of study and research with 10 journal publications, and leading several conferences he has joined our team. Reach out to Degong for any questions about our products.

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Heather Birdsall

Sales Associate

Heather has had over 30 years’ experience in the Beef Cattle Industry. She acquired her B.S in Agriculture Education from Auburn University and M.S in Agri-Science Technology Education. Heather spent 20 years as a multi-county beef cattle specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension before transitioning to a sales and technical support role in precision livestock technology in both the cow calf and feedlot sectors. Originally from a small seedstock farm in Alabama, she is now based in Torrington Wyoming along with her husband Dennis and two children, Sam and Sarah, where they own and operate DHB Herefords. Heather is passionate about precision technology. Please reach out to Heather for any questions about our products.

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Daniel Walsh

Sales Associate

Daniel is originally from Lyndon Station, Wisconsin, where he helped build his family’s cow/calf operation from the initial few heifers to holding production sales each fall. He acquired his B.S. in Animal Science from Iowa State, while competing on the livestock judging team. After moving to Kansas, Daniel and his fiancé, Alyssa, launched Regal Cattle; an angus-based operation located in the Flint hills. Assisting cattlemen is always at the forefront of Daniel’s mind; since 2020, he has coordinated with producers nationwide in marketing and selling their cattle and embryos. He is extremely passionate about optimizing cattle genetics and believes C-Lock’s equipment offers a distinct advantage. For any inquiries about our products, please contact Daniel.

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