GGAA GreenFeed Morning Workshop Videos

June 25, 2022

We want to thank everyone who attended our GreenFeed morning workshop at the International Greenhouse Gas & Animal Agriculture Conference. Below you will find all of the speakers recordings during that session.

Lorna McNaughton - “Using GreenFeed in dairy bulls in New Zealand.”

Eric Bailey - “Effect of protein supplementation to steers consuming low quality forage on greenhouse gas emissions.”

Paul Smith- “Ireland’s first large scale measurement of methane emissions in beef cattle.”

Dr. Stacey Gunter & Drs. Corey Moffet and Matt Beck - “Use the GreenFeed System (GFS) to assist in measuring energy metabolism and digesta kinetics.”

Pekka Huhtanen - "Potential of Green Feed in studying energy metabolism and feed efficiency”.

Ermias Kebreab and Leanna Kelly - “Training animals and data collection from cattle fed feed additives to reduce methane emissions.”

Alex N. Hristov, Ph.D, P.A.S. - "Relationship of dry matter intake with enteric methane emission measured with the GreenFeed system."