Equipment Grant Program

November 09, 2022

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The C-Lock Inc. Equipment Grant provides an opportunity for organizations or individuals to acquire our equipment in order to explore and test original ideas to improve animal agriculture. Proposals will be judged on their originality, significance with respect to improving the efficiency of animal agricultural production, the potential of the work to reduce the environmental footprint of animal agriculture and on new applications of C-Lock Inc. technology to address important issues in the animal agriculture industry. It is anticipated that at least three proposals will be selected to receive C-Lock Inc, equipment. Delivery is planned for the summer of 2023. Proposals that involve collaborations with university, industry and producer partners are encouraged. Each proposal should identify how the equipment grant will address key research questions and expected outcomes, how the equipment grant will leverage additional resources to be committed to the project and the schedule for completion of the work and dissemination of the results.

Successful Proposals will address one or more of these key goals.

  • The C-Lock equipment will stimulate research that is exploratory and couples a high risk with a high potential reward.
  • Proposals that leverage, extend, and/or amplify existing resources will receive special consideration.
  • We seek to support research that creates new applications and opportunities for C-Lock Technology in the animal industry.


  • The Grant from C-Lock consists solely of equipment. Therefore institutions or individuals must cost-share salary, facilities, and other research expenses.
  • All data and research results and new technology will be shared with C-Lock Inc.;
  • Proposals should not exceed three double-spaced pages. With a concise statement of the project objectives, a short discussion of the research plan, a project time-line, expected results including specific benefits to Animal Science.
  • Short (half page) resumes of key project personnel are required but not included as part of the three-page proposal limitation.
  • A budget for up to $300,000 worth of equipment along with a total project budget.
  • The project duration must not exceed three years.
  • An analysis of the economic impact of the proposed research to C-Lock Inc., the research community, and to producers.
  • A short annual progress report will be required for the duration of the project in order to retain the designated C-Lock Inc. equipment.
  • The shipping address and contact information for the principal investigator must be included.
  • All proposed projects may be subject to modifications as a result of discussions with C-Lock Inc. prior to final funding awards.
  • C-Lock Inc. is allowed to publicly announce award recipients and their project plans and updates and final project results.


Letters of intent are encouraged to be submitted on January 15, 2023.

Applications are due March 15, 2023 and must be remitted to for review.

Awards will be announced April 15, 2023 and equipment will be delivered summer of 2023. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or call +1-605-791-5657.

1350 Concourse Drive Rapid City, South Dakota