GreenFeed Pasture System

The GreenFeed Pasture system is a turn-key system designed to measure gas fluxes of Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and optionally, Oxygen (O2), and Hydrogen (H2), from individual animals. It is also possible to aggregate emissions data from individual animals and determine herd averages. The system is typically configured to offer a small amount of pelletized bait attractant to entice the animals to visit multiple times per day. The gas emissions data is logged then automatically processed allowing the user to easily access a summarized report of calculated fluxes. This unit can be located in remote areas for pasture measurements.

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Product Overview

The GreenFeed Pasture system is typically used for any size and age of cattle except for unweaned calves. The system could be used to measure metabolic gases from other large animal species. It will measure CO2 flux accurately to a level of greater than 1,000 g/d and CH4 flux greater than about 60 g/d.

This unit requires a pelletized feed (< 7 mm in diameter) to be used. Any type of pelletized feed can be used, with some applications using pelletized grass and alfalfa, and others using a concentrate mix. Typically the amount of bait attractant used is about 1-1.5 kg per animal per day, however in some installations as little as 200 grams per animal per day. In other applications animals are given as much as 8 kg per animal per day. The amount of feed used is uniquely configurable for each animal.

In normal operating conditions, about 20 animals per day can be measured per GreenFeed, however this varies depending on the animals, the size of the pen or pasture, the quantity of feed, and the objectives.


  • Pasture Trailer System:

    The pasture trailer allows the user to easily tow the GreenFeed system to a new location using a vehicle. It is possible to move the trailer hundreds of kilometers.

    In high-intensity, low duration pasture systems, the system can be relatively easily moved daily as the animals are moved between pastures.

    Weight capacity: 450 kg

  • Auto Calibration:

    The auto-calibration system allows the user to remotely and automatically calibrate the methane and carbon dioxide concentration sensors. For the auto-calibration, two compressed gas tanks are needed – a zero gas tank and a span gas tank. Special gas regulators are connected to the gas cylinders and a sample line from each tank is plumbed to the gas sensor boxes. The system is configured to periodically draw gas first from the zero tank, then from the span tank. Typically this calibration is automatically performed once per day.

  • Tool Kit:

    Each unit is provided with the US standard tools for maintenance of your GreenFeed unit.

  • Gas Regulators:

    The gas regulators reduce the pressure on high pressure gas tanks in other applications.

  • Weather Station:

    Data is logged and archived on a 1 second basis of wind speed, wind direction, temp, humidity, atmospheric pressure. Output of average conditions with feed intake data by visit.

  • Generator:

    With auto start configuration, includes housing shroud and mounting brackets for trailer applications. This generator can automatically start when the batteries are low and shuts off automatically when batteries are fully charged. Warranty for this generator is only 6 months from the ship date.

Product Details

The pasture trailer system comes with solar panels and charging system and batteries. In winter at higher latitudes, there will not be enough solar power, however, the optional remote-start gasoline generator can be used to charge the batteries if power on pasture is required. Additionally, the system can be plugged into any AC power source to recharge and maintain the batteries.

To move the system between locations, the user raises or lowers four legs, then connects the trailer to a vehicle. Once at the new location, the user removes the trailer from the vehicle, and lowers the legs, turns the system on, then it is ready for measurement.

Online User Friendly Interface: We have developed an easy to user interface that can be accessed at all times, were you can view and control your systems in real-time. You do not have to be on-site to see the results. View emission patterns from individual animals as they are happening. This technology is light-years ahead of all other emission monitoring methodologies. It's like having an entire experimental laboratory inside your barn. The GreenFeed Emissions Monitoring system can be configured to dispense a specific diet to each individual animal. The rations are synchronized across multiple systems so your animals will get the correct amount of feed, no matter where they are.

Easily monitor and control your GreenFeed system from anywhere in the world:

Quickly determine how often each animal is visiting a system. You can easily distinguish which of your cattle are using GreenFeed and how often. You can even be alerted if an animal has not visited.

Service and Maintenance Contract

  • Customer Portal Access – Access to real time raw and processed data via C-Lock’s cloud-based customer portal.
  • Software Updates – Includes Updates to online software and customer portal capabilities, from time to time.
  • Support – A support line to contact C-Lock for technical questions or to report problems.
  • Data access – Access to processed and raw data via download or via customer portal.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Protocol Design Assistance.
  • Repairs. C-Lock will cover parts and repair of Hardware that has failed due to normal wear and tear outside the applicable warranty period

All units are sold with annual service and maintenance contract. Multiple year contracts are available.

Because our products contain the latest technology, actual products may appear different than in the photos.

Product Options

Hydrogen Sensor

The electro-chemical H2 sensor provides a fast response and has very high sensitivity to less than 1 ppm changes in H2...

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Oxygen Sensor

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Dual Hopper

With the dual hopper option, the large 100 kg food bin is split into two separate bins, each holding about 50 kg of...

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2 Air Filters and Sample Line Filter

Your air filter in your GreenFeed unit will need to be cleaned properly during use. We recommend replacing air filters...

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Ear Tags

All of our units read HDX - Half Duplex and FDX - Full Duplex tags. If your animals are not tagged appropriately, you...

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Neck Collar Reader

Instead of an ear tag reader we offer neck collar readers as an alternative option.

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Cold Weather Kit

Hardened GreenFeed suitable for high-latitude operation. Includes heated manifold, dish, and cold weather durable...

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HD Webcam

An outdoor, all-weather camera that overlooks the alleyway to view if an animal is located at the feeder. Enjoy...

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