Hydrogen Sensor

The electro-chemical H2 sensor provides a fast response and has very high sensitivity to less than 1 ppm changes in H2 levels. It provides a platform for H2 gas measurement when only small changes in H2 are expected. The H2 concentration sensor has been extensively tested by C-Lock Inc. and provides excellent stability and long-term reliability.

Product Overview

Uses for the hydrogen gas sensors
– Emissions from open or closed-circuit respiration chambers
– Breath analysis, with a fast response and instant feedback, the sensors are optimal for measuring fast changes in breath concentrations

Some of the advantages of the this sensor
– The sensor is extremely sensitive to changes in H2 down to less than 1 ppm
– Has an analog output signal
– With optional temperature, pressure, and humidity measurement, the output signal can be fully compensated
– Is simple to integrate with other systems
– Can be used in 0-1,000 ppm H2 environments

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