SimpleScan is a turn-key concentration measurement scanner (i.e., sniffer) used for sampling methane, carbon dioxide gas, and optionally hydrogen, and oxygen concentrations near an animal’s nose. SimpleScan is a tool to easily evaluate eructation responses, concentration changes, and gas concentration ratios. It is easier to install than a GreenFeed and less expensive.

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Product Overview

All of the SimpleScan data is collected and automatically sent to a cloud-based server using either WiFi or the Internet, where the user can log into an Internet-based user interface to review data in near real-time. Data is automatically processed to determine background concentrations, increase in concentrations, number of erucations, peak height, peak area, and concentration ratios.

The system can also be equipped with an optional RFID reader so that the SimpleScan software can automatically assign gathered data to unique animals. It can also be equipped with an optional head position sensor to determine head movement behavior.

PLEASE NOTE: Because SimpleScan is a concentration-only measurement system, gasses can be subject to significant and unknown dilution. This can produce results that are biased, variable, and uncertain in many applications. Therefore, the SimpleScan data has significant limitations, which are discussed more in this blog post.

  • Carbon Dioxide Sensor: Tunable diode laser sensor (measurement range: 0 to 4% with a 0.5 ppm resolution)
  • Methane Sensor: Non-dispersive infrared sensor (measurement range: 0 to 2%)
  • Optional Oxygen Sensor: Paramagnetic (0-100%)
  • Optional Hydrogen Sensor: Electrochemical (0-500 ppm)
  • Optional Head Position Sensor
  • Optional RFID reader
  • Specifically designed sample intake that is easily placed in the sampling location
  • Water trap and sample filter to protect internal sensors
  • 1-second data capture
  • Automatic data processing with industry-leading algorithms to accurately determine background concentrations and to determine the most relative data parameters
  • Easy to use web-based interface to view and obtain the data
  • Continuous remote data monitoring by C-Lock Inc to ensure the system is operating
  • Can operate from 12 volt DC, 120 volt AC, or 240 AC power

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