GreenFeed – Large Animals

The large animal GreenFeed is a turn-key system designed to measure gas fluxes of methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and optionally, Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen (H2), and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from individual animals. It is also possible to aggregate emissions data from individual animals and determine herd averages. The system is typically configured to offer a small amount of pelletized bait attractant to entice the animals to visit multiple times per day. The gas emissions data is logged then automatically processed allowing the user to easily access a summarized report of calculated fluxes.


The large animal system is typically used for any size and age of cattle except for unweaned calves. The system could be used to measure metabolic gases from other large animal species. It will measure CO2 flux accurately to a level of greater than 1,000 g/d and CH4 flux greater than about 60 g/d.

This unit requires a pelletized feed (< 7 mm in diameter) to be used. Any type of pelletized feed can be used, with some applications using pelletized grass and alfalfa, and others using a concentrate mix. Typically the amount of bait attractant used is about 1-1.5 kg per animal per day, however in some installations as little as 200 grams per animal per day. In other applications animals are given as much as 8 kg per animal per day. The amount of feed used is uniquely configurable for each animal.

In normal operating conditions, about 20 animals per day can be measured per GreenFeed, however this varies depending on the animals, the size of the pen or pasture, the quantity of feed, and the objectives.

GreenFeed can be used in number of different applications including tie-stalls, free-stalls, or on pasture.

The GreenFeed system includes a feed hopper, RFID reader, gas measurement equipment, software, and online interface. The user must specify the optional cart system, either free-stall, tie-stall, or pasture

To learn more about GreenFeed data, please visit the in-depth section.

To see an extensive list of GreenFeed publications, please visit the publications section.

Optional Equipment

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Feed HopperDual Feed Hopper
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Small or Large
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Cart OptionsFreestall Cart
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Tie-Stall Cart
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Pasture Trailer
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Self-Build Pasture Trailer
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Gas Regulators
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Mass Scale
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Cellular Modem
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Other GasesOxygen
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Hydrogen Sulfide
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AttachmentsFistula Attachment
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Conditional Sampling System
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OptionsWind Sensors
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Outdoor Armor
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Service PlansService Plans
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