Our SmartFeed and SmartScale systems bring individual animal feed intake measurement and control as well as real-time animal performance and management to progressive livestock producers around the world.

Our systems deploy technology to help you measure and optimize feed intake, improve feed efficiency based genetic selection, reduce labor, and make other data based decisions that lead to improved productivity and profitability.

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SmartFeed is a portable, self-contained, easy to use system that measures individual total daily feed intake.

Used for measuring individual feed intake/efficiency, the SmartFeed units are easy to install with virtually no changes required in pen infrastructure and no additional investments required for on farm IT/computer/software.

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SmartScale is a wireless scale system that captures animal weight, performance, and behavior each time it drinks water.

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Smart Feed Pro No LCD

SmartFeed Pro

The SmartFeed Pro system is an automated cattle feeder typically used for any size and age of cattle. The Pro version has a specially designed door so that the usage of specific animals can be controlled. For example, specified animals in a herd could be allowed to use the SmartFeed, and other animals could be excluded from using the system. An animal’s to intake can be controlled on a daily basis, so that after a set amount of feed is received for the day, the animal is no longer allowed to receive more feed.

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SmartFeed Enclosed Trailer

SmartFeed unit trailer for pasture application. Includes solar, battery, charge controller and hydraulic jacks for raising and lowering trailer. Easy to tow in any pasture setting, with wifi connect-ability or cellular modem depending on country.

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