Emissions monitoring has never been so simple. Cloud-Based monitoring means that your whole group will always be using the most recent data. And because everything is online, virtually all analysis can be done from the comfort of your chair, office, or home.



C-Lock has put years of research and development into emissions monitoring techniques and usability. The result is not only a friendly interface, but also a powerful toolset. With only a few clicks, you will be able take full control of your emissions monitoring system.



Whether it's a pasture, barn, research facility, or a milking parlor, there is a way to measure emissions. C-Lock has emissions monitoring equipment on nearly every continent in the world, in all types of environments, both indoors and out.



Unlike other methodologies, C-Lock emissions monitoring technology will give you results from all animals on a daily basis. Within the first week of use, you will have meaningful emissions data from your whole herd. 

View and control your systems in real-time from anywhere in the world. You no longer have to be on-site to see the results.




View emission patterns from individual animals as they are happening. This technology is light-years ahead of all other emission monitoring methodologies. It's like having an entire experimental laboratory inside your barn.




Control exactly which animals are allowed to use each system. The GreenFeed Emissions Monitoring system can be configured to dispense a specific diet to each individual animal. The rations are synchronized across multiple systems so your animals will get the correct amount of feed, no matter where they are.




Quickly determine how often each animal is visiting a system. You can easily distinguish which of your cattle are using GreenFeed and how often. You can even be alerted if an animal has not visited.