May 28, 2024

At C-Lock Inc. we believe that attending the American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting can be a crucial step in a student's dairy science career. We understand that attending conferences can be expensive, especially for students who are still studying! That is why we are pleased to offer a special sponsorship to help cover the costs of attending this year's annual meeting. We encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity to expand their knowledge, network with industry leaders, and gain valuable experience by attending. To be eligible students need to have ADSA undergraduate and or graduate student membership and complete the online application. A graduate student and an undergraduate student will both be selected for this sponsorship.

Purpose: To encourage student development and education by providing funding for attendance for one ADSA undergraduate student member and one graduate student ADSA member to attend the National ADSA Annual Meeting.

Nature of Sponsorship: An awardee certificate and a paid conference registration and hotel accommodation (up to four nights) at an ADSA meeting hotel for the National ADSA Annual Meeting as well as a $125 travel stipend for a graduate student and an undergraduate student.


  • ADSA undergraduate and graduate student membership is required - Students may become an ADSA member at anytime prior to the deadline.
  • Complete online application

Submission process: Applicants send a copy of their resume/CV and complete this brief application which includes the questions attached below.

  • Resume/CV
  • Application


Friday, May 31

For Any Questions:


DJI 0363 copy
Please put in if you are a Graduate – PhD , Masters , Undergraduate – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Other