March 2021 - Feed Efficiency 101 with Ted Cunningham and Jeff Clark

March 25, 2021

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Ted Cunningham and Jeff Clark present Feed Efficiency 101. Learn from our experts the basics of feed efficiency. We will discuss the how, what, and why of feed intake testing. Be a part of the LIVE Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Ted is located in south central Missouri and acquired his degrees in Animal Science and Ruminant Nutrition. Ted's experience in the beef industry range from nutrition, commercial beef production systems, seed-stock management and marketing, which provide him with a vast perspective of the beef industry. Ted, along with wife Ashlee and three children own and operate Cunningham Livestock, which specializes in custom cattle feeding and management, along with replacement heifer and bull development. He believes improvements in both feed and management efficiency for the beef business is critical for long term industry sustainability and profitability.

Jeff is an animal science graduate of California Polytechnic State University with a concentration in beef production. His extensive background includes a direct focus on advancing animal efficiency through genetic selection based upon tangible production data such as feed efficiency and ADG. His expertise with large-scale, multi-species, purebred and commercial production management allows him to guide researchers and producers to utilize C-Lock products in extensive applications. Jeff's passion is for sustainability in the livestock industry, helping producers increase their production efficiency, and helping researchers advance future technology and methodology.

The SmartFeed system integrates the best RFID, load cell and feed bin technology to continuously log data to determine the feed intake per visit per animal, ultimately allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the feed efficiency of your herd's genetics.

The system is modular, portable, and easy to install. Add additional SmartFeed units to your existing system at any time or move units to different locations easily. The only external wire is for AC power with options to power with solar for completely wireless and portable applications.