December 2021 - Holiday Company Update

December 27, 2021

A Letter From Our Founder

Well, 2021 is just about in the books! The last year certainly has not been dull!

Throughout 2021 and into the future, animal agriculture will continue to play an important role in our ever-evolving planet and is an important driver of social and economic prosperity. It directly supports the livelihoods of more than a billion people
and the industry is valued at over 1.4 trillion dollars. Money generated from animal agriculture circulates through all sectors of the global economy. Ruminants are one of the few animals that can convert poor quality protein not edible by humans into high quality protein that can nourish humans. A study of children in Kenya showed that as the availability of animal protein in diets increased, so did physical development, academic achievement, and cognitive abilities.

The global demand for animal sourced food has tripled over the last 50 years and needs to double again by 2050 to feed the Earth’s increasing population. However, the potential benefits of animal agriculture also have costs. Animal systems occupy

about 45% of the global (non ice-covered) land area, utilizing about one-third of all crops and consuming 41% of the water used for agriculture. Currently, the livestock sector, including feed production and transport, is responsible for about 14% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

We are excited that GreenFeed and SmartFeed systems, have become important tools to provide the measurements needed to allow our partners to improve the efficiency and sustainability of animal production. GreenFeed has become a widely adopted tool that can help measure the effectiveness of methane emissionsabatement strategies. Several new initiatives have been spearheaded by industry partners to develop sustainable solutions. For example, Geno in Norway and LIC in New Zealand are using GreenFeed to measure enteric methane emissions from large numbers of dairy cattle so they can ultimately breed animals that produce more protein and less greenhouse gas. We are excited to partner with Five Rivers Cattle Feeding through the AgNext program at Colorado State University to both create a baseline as to where the US cattle industry is currently at in regards to enteric emissions, as well as develop methane mitigation tools that can be implemented on large scale commercial feedyards. DSM in Switzerland has invented and completed extensive testing of a new feed additive, Bovear, which was developed to reduce methane emissions from cattle. The research, mostly completed with the help of GreenFeed, has demonstrated that Bovear can decrease methane emissions from Cattle by 30% without negative effects. Additionally, several researchers have also used GreenFeed to show that specific algae, when added to cattle feed, can reduce methane emissions significantly.

Our SmartFeed systems are also gaining considerable use by
our seedstock partners. Utilizing SmartFeed to measure feed efficiency in young bulls and heifers, our growing list of purebred cattle producers includes some well known names such as Nichols Farms, Byergo Angus, Herb Angus, New Day Genetics and Wieczorek Limousin. The result has been the identification of several bulls that have excellent genetic characteristics along with increased feed efficiency.

In 2022, we must continue to develop new ways to make each animal count. We must continue to deploy technology that can monitor the performance and health of each animal so that it efficiently converts relatively poor-quality feed into high quality protein. We at C-Lock Inc. look forward to continuing to contribute technology and know-how to the global enterprise of producing high-quality protein efficiently and sustainably. We want to thank our existing clients and we are eager to help build a better, more sustainable future with you.


Dr. Patrick Zimmerman CEO
Scott Zimmerman President

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Photo below includes: Haowen Hu, data analyst, Mike Billars, vice president of engineering & support, Karla Rosaaen, sales manager, Pat Zimmerman, founder and CEO, Maik Kindermann, director of innovation at DSM, Scott Zimmerman, president and director​ of engineering, Chris Dieball, customer service & support, Ryan Kent, customer support manager.

DSM Animal Nutrition & Health exciting visit to our facility!

We had the great opportunity of hosting Maik Kindermann the director of innovation at DSM Animal Nutrition & Health. Pat and Scott Zimmerman, were able to give a full scope of our manufacturing facility. Here is what Kindermann had to say about the visit via Twitter."Visiting C-Lock Inc. this week in Rapid City (South Dakota) discussing methane measurements and Bovaer application concepts. Thank you very much for your hospitality and an impressive tour through your manufacturing site. Great entrepreneurial spirit."

New partnerships leading into the new year with Five Rivers Cattle Feeding & AgNext.

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Photo features, starting from left to right: Mike Thoren, president and CEO of Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, PH.D., director of AgNext and professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University, Jeff Clark, business development and sales at C-Lock Inc., Jordan Levi, program manager, & founder of Arcadia Asset Management.

AgNext research focuses on advancing the science of animal agriculture to ensure a continued safe, secure, and nutritious food supply. We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative with AgNext. The community of producers, industry partners, and researchers coming together to innovate real time solutions for sustainable ​animal agriculture is incredible. At C-Lock Inc. we are excited to be partnering with Five Rivers Cattle Feeding through the AgNext program.“We maintain the highest standards and continuously improve our environmental practices as new research and technology are available. We care for these, and all our natural resources, as if they were our own.” - Five Rivers Cattle Feeding guiding principle on stewardship. Jeff Clark reiterated: "I want to thank the team from Five Rivers Cattle Feeding and the AgNext program for recognizing C-Lock Inc. as the global leader in providing precision livestock monitoring equipment. The decision to put their trust in GreenFeed, further solidifies the “gold standard” reputation that GreenFeed has received around the world for providing the most accurate and standardized method available for capturing ruminant enteric emissions data in a “real world” management scenario. "