Brief Summary: Fifty Years of Research on Rumen Methanogenesis: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges for Mitigation

December 15, 2020

Nitrate is a Commonly Used Nitrogen Supplement in Ruminant Diet

In many countries, nitrate is a commonly used nitrogen supplement in ruminant diet, especially for animals fed with low-protein diets. In practice, nitrate can be used in place of urea, with a maximum dose of 2% of dietary DM. It can also be used in blocks for grazing ruminants.

On the other hand, research had showed a methane decrease potential when fed ruminant with nitrate. To figure out its optimal dosage effect on methane mitigation and avoid the potential risks of toxicity to non-adapted individuals and nitrogen excretion increment, C-Lock GreenFeed users conducted a series of excellent research on nitrate. Below is a summary of their research outcomes:

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