C-Lock Inc. is a South Dakota company founded in 2005 in Rapid City by Dr. Patrick R. Zimmerman. At that time Dr. Patrick Zimmerman was the Director of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and a professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - an institution that is part of the South Dakota University system - specializing in engineering education, technology development, and research. Zimmerman's research career has spanned nearly four decades.

See: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Patrick_Zimmerman

C-Lock Inc. professionals utilize cutting-edge science and engineering to monitor, analyze, and control cattle biological parameters. Through a systematic approach that incorporates intelligent data-mining techniques, measurements, and numerical modeling, we can detect problems that lower efficiency and productivity. Our unique capabilities to pinpoint problems, identify opportunities, and offer a cost-effective solution saves our clients money.

Our company focuses on agricultural practices but also has experience in measuring emissions related to energy production.  We have created GreenFeed (US Patent 7966971, others pending), a system that measures methane and metabolic carbon dioxide emissions from ruminants such as cattle to provide farmers and ranchers with real-time data to document improvements in feed efficiency and lower methane emission losses.  We have also created SmartFeed to monitor and control cattle feed intake.  We have other products in development, stay tuned!

The C-Lock Inc. staff of talented scientists, engineers, and technical personnel are eager to provide their expertise to support your industry. If you have an engineering problem related to energy efficiency or GHGs, we can solve it.


James Krause

Mechanical Engineer

James Krause is the lead mechanical engineer at C-Lock Inc, he has many years experience and training in metal fabrication, parts design, and project management.  He has a mechanical engineering degree from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Tom Zimmerman

Inventory and Parts Management

Tom Zimmerman is the lead person for parts development, assembly, and inventory management.  He understand every part and component inside our instruments and how to repair and maintain them.  He has a degree in interdisciplinary science from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Mike Billars

Electrical Engineer

Mike Billars is the head electrical engineer at C-Lock Inc. He is also our lead programmer and web developer and has developed the cloud-based Internet and data acquisition platforms. He has an electrical engineering degree from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Scott Zimmerman

Director of Engineering

Scott Zimmerman is the director of engineering at C-Lock Inc.  He has many years of experience with numerical modeling and large databases, and has a solid background in analytical measurements.  He has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Washington State University and a master's degree in Water Resource Engineering and Hydraulics from the University of Iowa.

Mike 4

Mike Provost

Head of Electrical Assembly

Mike Provost is the lead technician for assemble and testing of electronic components.  He has years of experience in wiring, electrical assembly, and service.

Melissa Frein

Director of Human Resources

Melissa Frein is the primary administrative assistant that is responsible for record keeping, payroll, and office accounting. You might also meet her at conferences where she is anxious to meet people and help with equipment demonstrations.

smiling welder

Other Support Staff

C-Lock Inc also includes several other key team members the help with manufacturing and other shop duties.