Animal Measurement

The SmartScale system is a cloud connected, automated scale unit that utilizes existing pen water supplies to provide daily weight and rate of gain for each animal in your pen. Customizable to fit most existing pen water supplies and integrates with SmartFeed bunks to provide high-quality, real-time data.


Advantages SmartScale are:

– Daily Weight and Rate of Gain 

– Utilized existing water supply 

– Predict when animals will quit gaining

– Spot sick animals quickly

– Flexible: The SmartScale can be used in almost any research or production environment and moved to new locations. Additional units can be added at any time to your SmartFeed network.

– No Extra Computers: No external computers are required because each unit is self contained.

– State-Of-The-Art RFID Reader: SmartScale can be operated in “noisy” RFID environments

– Intuitive User Interface: Each SmartFeed can be controlled by an easy to use online interface. There is no extra software to purchase or to load onto resident computers. Updates require no user-inputs.