Paramagnetic Oxygen Gas Sensor

The paramagentic O2 sensor provides a fast response, high long-term stability, and are provides a rigid platform for O2 gas measurement over long time periods. The O2 concentration sensor has been extensively tested by C-Lock Inc. and provides excellent stability and long-term reliability.


Uses for the sensors
– Emissions from open or closed-circuit respiration chambers
– Breath analysis, with a fast response and instant feedback, the sensors are optimal to measure fast changes in breath concentrations
– Emissions in exiting gas from barns or stables

Some of the advantages of the Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensor
– The sensor uses the paramagnetic measurement principle so the sensor is more stable and maintains calibration over long time periods.  The sensor does not drift or need replacement over long time periods
– The output signal is linearized
– Has an analog output signal
– With optional temperature, pressure, and humidity measurement, the output signal can be fully compensated
– Is simple to integrate with other systems
– Is very sensitive, can detect changes in O<sub>2</sub> gas down to 150 ppm in 20% atmospheric air.
– Can be used in 0-100% oxygen environments