Gas Measurement Platform

The gas measurement platform is a system that allows for the continuous measurements of CH4, CO2, and optionally O2, H2, and H2S gas concentrations. It also includes the flexibility to log other sensor data and also to automatically control separate devices. The data is logged to the cloud, so the data is permanently archived and accessible from any location with an Internet connection.


The electronic platform includes a CH4 sensor, CO2 sensor, optional O2 sensor, computer and control circuits, sample pump, sample gas filter, the capability to log data either internally, or the ability to send data to and external server and view data and control the system through an Internet connection.

The concentration measurement platform can be integrated into a number of different applications.

The potential applications for the gas measurement platform include:

– Measurement of concentrations in head-stall chambers. It can be integrated with gas flow measurements for total flux.
– Measurement of concentrations in whole animal open-circuit chambers
– Monitoring concentrations in barn air for total flux.
– Monitoring the concentrations in any closed system, such as a lagoon
– Biogas measurement.

The platform to log data over the Internet is already build-in, so there is minimal effort in aggregating and processing raw data. The platform can be configured as a “turn-key” system. The platform also can be custom configured to a user’s unique application. It provides external input ports for seven external analog devices (such as temperature and flow), two RS232 inputs, and I2C inputs. It also allows for the digital on/off control of seven external devices (such as a fan or pump). It has the ability to connect to an external USB webcam.

The system control, data analysis, and online data viewing and system control through a remote web interface.

Uses for the sensor platform include:
– Emissions from chambers
– Bio-gas monitoring
– Concentrations from in-vitro studies
– Breath analysis
– Emissions from barns or stables
– Closed systems such as covered lagoons

The platform can also be used with the auto-calibration option and also be equipped with automated solenoids to allow periodic measurement of background levels of gases.