Methane and Carbon Dioxide Non-Dispersive Infrared Sensors

The Methane and Carbon Dioxide Non-Dispersive Infrared sensor provide a fast response, high long-term stability, and are provide rigid platform for Methane and Carbon Dioxide measurement over long time periods. The concentration sensors have been extensively tested and used in the GreenFeed in numerous applications both indoor and outdoor world-wide.


Uses for the sensors
– Emissions from open or closed-circuit respiration chambers
– Bio-gas monitoring
– Gas concentrations produced in-vitro
– Breath analysis, with a fast response and instant feedback, the sensors are optimal to measure fast changes in breath concentrations
– Emissions in exiting gas from barns or stables
– Concentrations in closed systems such as covered lagoons

Some of the advantages of the Methane and Carbon Dioxide sensors
– The sensors use the NDIR dual wavelength principle so the sensor is more stable and maintains calibration over long time periods
– The output signal is linearized
– Has an analog output signal or RS-485 interface
– Output signal is temperature and pressure compensated
– Is simple to integrate with other systems

The Methane sensors are available in many ranges, typically the 0-2% CH4 is used for breath analysis and 0-100% is used for in-vitro analysis.

The Carbon Dioxide sensors are available in two ranges, 0-10% is typically used for breath analysis and 0-100% is used for in-vitro analysis. Other ranges can be used depending on the application.

The linearity error is < 1% full scale (FS), the lower detection limit is < 0.5% FS, the repeatability at span is < 1% of FS, the long term stability is 2% of FS.