4 Unit SmartFeed Trailer

The trailer system is the best solution for delivering and controlling supplemental feed on pasture.  The trailers feature retractable wheels so that the trailer can be easily moved to a new location, when the wheels are pulled up,  the trailer frame rests firmly on the ground providing a stable platform for feed intake measurements.  A powerful solar system is included so that the trailer can be operated in winter conditions.


– Can use with 4 SmartFeed or SmartFeed Pro units – Small or medium sized

– 18 ft long, 8 ft wide, 7 ft tall (with solar panels in down position)

– 3,600 lbs

– 2 inch trailer ball

– Includes heavy dubty AGM solar panels, batteries, charge controller, cellular modem for data transmission

– Lowering and raising trailer using included hydraulic powered system

– Meets all requirements to be road legal in the United States