Pasture Trailer System

The pasture trailer allows the user to easily tow the GreenFeed system to a new location using a vehicle. It is possible to move the trailer hundreds of kilometers.

In high-intensity, low duration pasture systems, the system can be relatively easily moved daily as the animals are moved between pastures.

Weight capacity: 450 kg


The pasture trailer system comes with solar panels and charging system and batteries. The solar system will provide enough power for GreenFeed at most latitudes where there is at least 10-12 hours of daylight. In winter at higher latitudes, there will not be enough solar power, however the optional remote start gasoline generator can be used to charge the batteries if power on pasture is required. Additionally, the system can be plugged into any AC power source to recharge and maintain the batteries. The system will operate about 3 days from the batteries without any power source.

To move the system between locations, the user raises or lowers four legs, then connects the trailer to a vehicle. Once at the new location, the user removes the trailer from the vehicle, and lowers the legs, turns the system on, then it is ready for measurement.