Communications and Data Transmission

GreenFeed has three standard methods of connectivity to the Internet:
1) Wired Ethernet
2) Wi-Fi
3) Cellular

The client must choose one of these connection types. See a description of these options below.



The Ethernet connection is a wired connection. If Ethernet is used, the client is to supply an Ethernet cord that will be plugged into the instrument and connect to their local intranet. Our technical staff will work with you and your group to ensure the correct connection is used.

The advantage of the Ethernet connection is that it usually does not have any associated monthly usage fees and most Ethernet connections allow for very fast data transmission. The disadvantage is that an Internet-enabled Ethernet connection must be available with the correct permissions at every location that the equipment will be placed.


If Wi-Fi is selected, a Wi-Fi adaptor is installed that connects to an external Wi-Fi networks. Our technical staff will work with you to ensure the correct connection is used.

The advantage of a Wi-Fi connection is that it is wireless and usually data transmission is free. The disadvantage is that a Wi-Fi network with the correct permissions must be available in every location that uses the instrument.

Cellular Modem

If a cellular modem is used, a special modem is installed into the instrument that allows data to be sent over a cellular network. The user is responsible to supply a “SIM” card from their local cellular provider. The modem is then configured to operate with the local cellular network. The user will be responsible to pay a monthly data fee to the cellular carrier – usually the cost is 30 – 50 USD per month.

The advantage of the cellular modem is that it is portable, the system can be used at any location with a cellular signal. The disadvantage is the user will be responsible for the monthly data charges to their local provider, and the connection is typically not as fast as other connection types.


At extra cost, the system can be configured to work any combination of these three connection types. Please specify if you need the flexibility to choose between options.

C-Lock Inc. is also able to work with you if there is another method of connectivity that you or your organization must use.