Super SmartFeed

The Super SmartFeed system is an automated cattle feeder typically used for any size and age of cattle or sheep.

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Product Overview

The Super SmartFeed system is an automated cattle feeder typically used for any size and age of cattle or sheep. The super version has a specially designed food dispensing mechanism so that the use by specific animals can be controlled. For example, specified animals in a herd could be allowed to use the Super SmartFeed, and other animals could be excluded from using the system. In addition, an animal’s intake can be controlled on a daily basis, so that after a set amount of feed is received for the day, the animal is no longer allowed to receive more feed. All settings can be controlled through an online interface.

In normal conditions for supplement feeding, about 100 animals per Super SmartFeed unit can be measured, however this varies depending on the animals, the quantity of feed, and the objectives. SmartFeed can alert the end-user when specific animals have either low feed consumption, or do not visit after a certain time period so that problems with the animals can be addressed quickly.


  • State of the Art RFID Reader:

    RFID controlled gate that allows the user to set schedules of when an animal is allowed access.

  • Self-Contained:

    Set up in virtually any location! Alleyways can easily be secured for the unit to be moved to varies locations.

  • Solar Power:

    Each unit is equipped with a charge controller, 1 battery, and 1 solar panel.

  • Standard Hopper Bin:

    Our standard bin disperses one feed type to each individual animal.

  • WiFi & Cellular Connect-ability:

    The Super SmartFeed is WiFi enabled and works best remotely when there is strong wifi service. Options to purchase a cellular modem to boost cell service can be purchased in addition.

Product Details

Bin Capacity - 145 cubic feet which is about 115 bushel (varies on feed type)

Online User Interface: Each SmartFeed can be controlled by our easy to use online interface. There is no extra software to purchase or to load onto resident computers. Updates require no user-inputs. Access from any location to view data, and update account information. Take a tour of our user interface HERE

Service and Maintenance Contract

  • Customer Portal Access – Access to real time raw and processed data via C-Lock’s cloud-based customer portal.
  • Software Updates – Includes Updates to online software and customer portal capabilities, from time to time.
  • Support – A support line to contact C-Lock for technical questions or to report problems.
  • Data access – Access to processed and raw data via download or via customer portal.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Protocol Design Assistance.
  • Repairs. C-Lock will cover parts and repair of Hardware that has failed due to normal wear and tear outside the applicable warranty period

All units are sold with annual service and maintenance contract. Multiple year contracts are available.

Because our products contain the latest technology, actual products may appear different than in the photos.

Product Options

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