The SmartScale system is a cloud connected, automated scale unit that utilizes existing pen water supplies to provide daily weight and rate of gain for each animal in your pen. Customizable to fit most existing pen water supplies and integrates with SmartFeed bunks to provide high-quality, real-time data.

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Product Overview

SmartScale is designed around your pen's existing water source. Wireless data control, RFID transmission is automatic with no physical requirements. SmartScale obtains a front end weight every time the animal steps on the scale to drink water.


  • Customizable And Flexible:

    Designed to fit your existing water source. Can be used in virtually any production setting.

  • Animal Performance:

    SmartScale provides individual real-time animal weight and performance at your finger tips.

  • State of the Art RFID Reader:

    SmartScale can be operated in “noisy” RFID environments without complications and work with any low-frequency RFID tag.

Product Details

  • Robust design with easily adjustable alleyway width to allow one animal at a time on the scale system.
  • In large capacity pens, multiple scales can be designed and installed at one waterer.
  • Data provides Daily Weight
  • Calculate Daily Rate of Gain
  • Predict when animals will quit gaining
  • Spot sick animals quickly
  • Flexible: The SmartScale can be used in almost any research or production environment and moved to new locations. Additional units can be added at any time to your SmartFeed network.

Online User Interface: Each SmartFeed can be controlled by our easy to use online interface. There is no extra software to purchase or to load onto resident computers. Updates require no user-inputs. Access from any location to view data, and update account information. Take a tour of our user interface HERE

Service and Maintenance Contract
All units are sold with annual service and maintenance contract. Multiple year contracts are available.

  • Customer Portal Access – Access to real time raw and processed data via C-Lock’s cloud-based customer portal.
  • Software Updates – Includes Updates to online software and customer portal capabilities, from time to time.
  • Support – A support line to contact C-Lock for technical questions or to report problems.
  • Data access – Access to processed and raw data via download or via customer portal.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Protocol Design Assistance.
  • Repairs. C-Lock will cover parts and repair of Hardware that has failed due to normal wear and tear outside the applicable warranty period

Because our products contain the latest technology, actual products may appear different than in the photos.

Product Options

Solar Power

For remote applications a solar power kit can be added to each unit. Kit includes one solar panel, frame, batteries,...

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HD Webcam

An outdoor, all-weather camera that overlooks the alleyway to view if an animal is located at the feeder. Enjoy...

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Ear Tags

All of our units read HDX - Half Duplex and FDX - Full Duplex tags. If your animals are not tagged appropriately, you...

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