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 2016 Workshop on metabolic gas emission measurements and GreenFeed

Come join the 2016 workshop on gas emissions from ruminant animals. The workshop will focus on important, relevant, cutting-edge research related to enteric methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrogen emissions from ruminant animals.  Approximately 20 speakers from NA, SA, EU, and AS will present data from many different applications.

For the past six years GreenFeed has enabled researchers to monitor metabolic gases from thousands of animals over extended periods with about 90 GreenFeed units in service world-wide. These measurements have contributed to new understanding and significant, innovative, and fascinating research results. This workshop provides excellent opportunities to present data, participate in discussions, listen, learn, and get ahead of the literature. Animal scientists, technicians, producers, statisticians, modelers, and anyone interested in utilizing ruminant breath measurements to monitor feed intake, efficiency, greenhouse gases, or animal health is encouraged to attend.  If you are interested in learning more about GreenFeed, we encourage you to attend.

Location: Bayview Eden Melbourne (near the GGAA 2016 venue), 6 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Dates:  February 13th-14th, 2016.  Because of the diverse range of research accomplished using GreenFeed, the workshop will be divided into topics, attendance for one day is allowed to best suit unique schedules

February 13th  - Overview, Statistics, and Breeding Applications

February 14th - Inter-comparison Studies, Diets and Emissions

Cost: $150 (AUD) per person

Includes: morning and afternoon tea and refreshments, lunch is provided both days.

Registration: Sign-up through the GGAA 2016 website <sign up here>



Saturday, February 13th, 2016  - Overview, Statistics, and Breeding Applications

09:30-09:45Morning tea and catch-up
09:45-10:15Introductions and welcome
10:15-10:55Theory and operation principles of GreenFeedDr. Pat ZimmermanC-Lock Inc.
10:55-11:15GreenFeed deployment and experimental designChris WeberDPI, Australia
11:15-11:35Estimates of CO2 and CH4 emission and O2 consumption by heifers grazing native rangelandsDr. Stacy GunterUSDA, ARS, USA
11:35 - 11:55Predictive modeling of CH4 emissions and comparison with on-Farm measurements results comparisonDr. Pekka HuhtanenSLU, Sweeden
11:55- 12:15Farm applications to reduce CH4 emissionsDr. Michael Wilkes, Dr. Mariana CaetanoUniversity of Adeliade, Australia
12:15-13:00Lunch (provided)
13:00-13:20Development of CH4 emissions measurement protocols for phenotyping CH4 emissions, beefDr. Gilles RenandINRA, France
13:20-13:40CH4 and CO2 emissions from progeny test steers during feedlot RFI testingDr. Paul ArthurDPI, Australia
13:40-14:00GreenFeed, SF6 , and chambers, free-stalls dairy and beefDr. Roger HegartyUniversity of New England, Australia
14:00-14:20Afternoon Break
14:20-14:40CH4, CO2, O2 emissions variability and repeatability and feed intake comparisons in beef cattleDr. John Basarab or Dr. Ghader ManafiazarUniversity of Alberta, Alberta Ag and Rural Development
14:40-15:00Greenfeed CH4 and CO2 emissions in Belgium cattleDr. Nico PeirenILVO, Belgium
15:00-16:00Sources of Error in GreenFeed measurementsScott ZimmermanC-Lock Inc.

Sunday, February 14th, 2016 - Inter-comparison Studies, Diets and Emissions

09:20-09:30Tea and welcome
09:30-09:55GreenFeed and SF6 , CH4 , and H2 emissions, measurement and treatmentsDr. Alex HristovPenn State University, USA
09:55-10:20CH4 emissions from brazilian beef animalsDr. Alexandre Berndt or Dr. Bruno PedreiraEmbrapa, Brazil
10:20 - 10:55Round Table, Dissuasion
10:55 - 11:20Break
11:20-11:40Dietary treatments and CH4 in lactating dairy Holsteins, free-stall Dr. Ermias KebreabU.C. Davis, California, USA
11:40 - –12:00Dietary treatments and CH4 emissions in beef cattleDr. Andy ColeUSDA, ARS, USA
12:00 -12:45Lunch (provided)
12:45-13:10Dietary treatments of feed-lot cattle in South KoreaDr. Sang-Suk Lee or Ashraf BiswasSunchon National University, South Korea
13:10-13:45GreenFeed data analysis - how it is different from chambers and SF6Scott ZimmermanC-Lock Inc
13:45-14:00Wrap-up and discussion