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Driving Increased Productivity through Intelligent Observations
Discover the world's best Methane and Carbon Dioxide measurement system for Cattle!
Bourges, France

GreenFeed is the world's first "turnkey" system to quantitatively measure methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) mass fluxes from cattle. GreenFeed allows users to measure emissions from large numbers of animals, in production environments, over indefinite time periods. The system is relatively low cost and simple to operate. GreenFeed measurements do not require extensive animal training or handling.

GreenFeed users all over the world are using the system in various applications with outstanding results. Come explore the benefits of this new and useful technology.
GreenFeed is being used in the following research applications:
  • Rank CH4 and CO2 emissions rates of animals in a herd for evaluating feed efficiency and genetic markers
  • Compare the effects of dietary treatments on CH4 and CO2 emission rates
  • Track long-term seasonal trends of CH4 emissions from herds and individual animals
  • Implement farm management and whole farm accounting
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cattle measurement periods have occurred using GreenFeed systems in
Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, & the United States, to date!